Oh wow today was such a loooong day. Today was the first of 3 days I will be shooting an all Lela Star movie I will be selling in DVD and to HBO. So excited. It’s about me and where I live and my life. Kind of reality based but with sex. :) I also incorporated some fetish stuff such as foot fetish and spanking. I really hope everyone likes it Ive been working so hard lately shooting,doing promo for my JULY penthouse issue and my issue 50 of “strip las Vegas”. I also just shot a very hot Girl girl scene with Angie Savage for Hustlers parody of “Baywatch”. I’m also shooting a big Wicked movie next week I’m really excited for! As per everyones request I set up an email and paypal account so you all can buy used lingerie,signed magazines and DVDs. Send all inqueries to lelastarstore@yahoo.com So tommorow Ill continue shooting my reality movie and cause some mischief where I live in Vegas out n about town. :) I guess Im just really in work mode and hope you all enjoy. Super tired now but Ill post some pics tommorow and maybe a little YouTube video on my YouTube Chanel. I love you all. Licks and kisses Lela

Guys love ti touch girls with super soft skin and I’ve always been told I have amazing skin. So I’ll share my secret to you all.,…. :) Once a week take a bath with 2 tablespoons of Olive oil (yep that stuff you cook with) soak it all it then towel off after. Sounds kind of gross but I swear it works. Your not even greasy after I promise. Your skin will be soft and smooth and you don’t even have to lotian up everyday. :)

Hi everyone my name is Lela Star and most of you already know me as being an adult film actress in the industry for over 5 years now. I started doing all kinds of films and magazines but I’ve slowed down allot mainly working for Penthouse as I’m there July 2010 pet. Hopefully I’ll be pet of the year soon :) well anyways I was on Twitter @mizzlelastar the other day chatting with all my fans and friends about starting a blog, so here I am! Blogging! Basically my blog will have pics and posts on how to get my magazines and stuff signed, also beauty tips for the ladies, sex tips for all and just general non sense that occurs in my everyday life. Whatever is going on in my life and I feel like blogging about pretty much. You all can post and comment ask me questions I’m happy to anserw real questions. The only thing I ask is please no negativity…. If you don’t like me or have mean things to say please don’t bother following me, reading about me or talking to me. Words can hurt and just because I’m in the public eye does not make me less of a person I too still have feelings. Ok so I guess that’s it, onto happy blogging and I hope you all enjoy as I know I will. This will be a fun little adventure! Licks -N- Kisses Lela Star Www.lelastar.com Twitter @mizzlelastar Www.myspace.com/lelastar